Kenshi Mod Manager Crashes, bugs and fixes

I’ve had a fair few reports of crashes and bugs within Kenshi Mod Manager, but 95% of them are the same crash! Probably my fault, i should explain things clearer, but oh well.

The biggest crash is right after installation. You open KMM and bam. A crash.

This is almost always down to KMM being installed in the wrong place. It *MUST* go in your Kenshi ‘data’ folder. In the next version(s) I’ll be adding checks and warnings and a big sticker that all say “Check you’ve selected the data folder!!!!!”

I know a lot of people won’t email me with a crash report for whatever reason, and i’ve noticed it’s become a google search option thingy. So that’s why i’m writing this :)

If you get any other types of crashes or error, I insist you email me!


I have a new email address for bugs:


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