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DiRT Rally – How NOT to drive!

Hey, back again with another DiRT Rally video! This time, another burst tire, but way worse consquences. Woops! Enjoy!

DiRT Rally – Catching some air!

Just looks really cool from when I played it back. Trying to catch some full runs in the replay mode so it looks a bit more cinematic!     Enjoy!

DiRT Rally – Full Greece run!

Hey again! This is a video from my full greece run (cant remember the track name). A very cornery track, took me ages to get it *this* close to being a clean run. . Enjoy!

DiRT Rally – Bust Tire :(

Hi there! So rallying around today, and burst a tire 🙁 The codriver didnt sound too happy.. or sad.. or emotional at all.. Enjoy!

DiRT Rally – Full Pant Mawr run

So this is my full run of Pant Mawr in DiRT Rally, in the Subaru Impreza. Not perfect driving, but hey it could be worse! Enjoy!

DiRT Rally

Recently i’ve had a bit of an addiction to Early Access games, and came across DiRT Rally. Not going to lie, i’m hooked. Ill post a few videos here, and maybe some videos of other early access games 🙂 Enjoy!

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