Monthly archives: May, 2015

DiRT Rally – How NOT to drive!

Hey, back again with another DiRT Rally video! This time, another burst tire, but way worse consquences. Woops! Enjoy!

DiRT Rally – Catching some air!

Just looks really cool from when I played it back. Trying to catch some full runs in the replay mode so it looks a bit more cinematic!     Enjoy!

DiRT Rally – Full Greece run!

Hey again! This is a video from my full greece run (cant remember the track name). A very cornery track, took me ages to get it *this* close to being a clean run. . Enjoy!

DiRT Rally – Bust Tire :(

Hi there! So rallying around today, and burst a tire 🙁 The codriver didnt sound too happy.. or sad.. or emotional at all.. Enjoy!

DiRT Rally – Full Pant Mawr run

So this is my full run of Pant Mawr in DiRT Rally, in the Subaru Impreza. Not perfect driving, but hey it could be worse! Enjoy!

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