Monthly archives: August, 2013

Beta and news

So, with the release of the new kenshi save system, and with the 1 year anniversary, plus some other juicy secret stuff, KMM finally needs a large update, instead of the small patches. This isn’t patchable.. Some of the features available in the beta: – Updated “Profile” Manager – Updated Mod Manager – New language

1 Year Old!

Yes! Kenshi Mod Manager is 1 year old! It was first released onto the lofigames website on august 16th 1012, where it was in beta until January 16th 2013. Back in the early versions, you had nothing but two lists with an add and remove button, and while the basic functionality has remained, there has

New Site!

Hello all! This is my new site, now hosted by the awesome guys at   Its way way quicker, and thanks to cloudflare, way safer. There may be a few hiccups while i mess around with updating and¬†¬†configuring, but nothing too major.   There’s also some progress on a brand new version of Kenshi

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